Bye, etsy, hi, zibbet

Etsy was a great place, before they change the rules. “CEO Chad Dickerson announced that Etsy sellers could use outside manufacturers to produce their designs. In other words, items sold on Etsy no longer had to be handmade.”

“Etsy changed its mission. No longer is it a website for makers of one-of-a-kind, original goods. Instead, it has become yet another website for the mass-produced and cheaply made goods that satisfy our insatiable culture of mindless consumption”.

Hence I’m packing the goods and move to zibbet. My new shop is here. You are welcome!


New chocolate treasury

I am reading books of Joanne Harris now, and began from the “Chocolate”. So…

‘A cup of a hot chocolate in a cold day’ by lizardsplay

It is so nice to drink a up of a hot chocolate in a cold autumn day… Or to eat a chocolate truffle. Or both of it 🙂

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Last, but not least – “White Samhain”

Another song in Russian, source of my inspiration

‘White Samhain’ by lizardsplay

Alchemical mood. I done today Black Samhain ( and Red Samhain ( treasuries, and now – last, but not least.

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Second treasury, “Red Samhain”

The first was here. I was inspired by this song (sorry, it is in Russian too)

It is about autumn fire of red leaves and rowan.

‘Red Samhain’ by lizardsplay

Alchemical mood. I done today Black Samhain treasury ( and will add White Samhain.

Crown of Manjushri, Qua…


Scarlet Red lampwork gl…


Women’s Red Riding …


OOAK Hand-Guided Machin…


The Woodland Rowan Tree…


Rowan Yarn Hair Falls


Halloween Sale 25% off …


Stained Glass Trinity K…


Red Fall Autumn Maple L…


Handmade Felted shawl s…


Red Fall Leaves – With …


Dark crimson cathedrals…


Crochet Lace Scarf Wrap…


Cranberry Spice Soap – …


Owl decorative plate re…


Red, Black and White Fr…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

New treasury “Black Samhain”

I was inspired by the song (sorry, it is in Russian, here are the lirics, in Russian too) of “Rowan Tower”

It is about long, cold November night.

‘Black Samhain’ by lizardsplay

Alchemical mood. I will ad Red Samhain and White Samhain treasuries.

Onyx and Silver Neckwar…


Three Handmade Black Ch…


Queen of the Demonweb P…


Chart for counted cross…


Dragon Scale Chainmail …


Black Sterling Chainmai…


Peacock Dragon Eye – Si…


Elf Mask in black leath…


Ghost Charm Necklace, H…


Black Cat Art Print – 8…


Hand Blown Glass Orname…


Raven – Poe – Nevermore


Hooded Cape/Cloak with …


Black ‘N White Tree…


Handcrafted BLACK CHIME…


Black Tree Glass Candle…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

updates in my shop

Eight pairs of beautiful ceramics and copper earrings. All began from the little filigree copper beads. I seen they are very interesting match with ceramics beads. Then I started new ceramics and copper collection. I added also reclaimed wooden beads to some of these earrings.

(all photos are clickable)